Thursday, December 27, 2012

New SHOPKICK Addict!

Hi my loveliest blog!

I'm sorry for my lack of updates, but boy have I been busy! Actually I don't really have time for a massive update atm either, but I wanted to share with you my new *addiction*.

So I've become obsessed with being thrifty and racking up freebies everywhere and that's how I discovered a fun shopping app. Ok, I'm probably a bit late in the game, as apparently this apps been out since like 09! But better late than never, right? You basically get points for stepping into stores you normally go to anyways (Target, Macy's, JCP, etc etc) and even more points for scanning certain things, lol! It also had very good reviews, so I decided it try it out yesterday.

Anyways, you save up points and then redeem prizes such as gift cards among other things! I can't tell you how the redeeming part goes yet as I have yet to reach my goal of getting an itunes card but I used this for like a day and already have enough for a target giftcard (only $2 bucks though lol).

I'll update more on this later, and I wanna make a post about my freebie crazy during the holiday season. I literally got a whole outfit for $0 yesterday at H&M! I'll probably end up selling/giving away most of the freebies though as I don't need more junk in my room...

Now, the good stuff. If you haven't already, go download the app through my link, you can get 50 extra points! =] >>open link on your smartphone>>>>

  • After opening the link on your smartphone (, click "get it" and then sign up with your email or FB, I suggest email because I don't like linking my real FB to stuff like apps, lol.
  • After filling everything out, you will get a text with a code to put in the box, I think?
  • Then the last step is downloading the app via the link they give you and then open it, and enjoy your first 50 pts. 
  • Be sure to see which places offer walk in points and whenever you go shopping, get those points! Enjoy! =]

I wanted to share this great app with others, if anyone wants to learn more or have questions, just ask me and I'll try to help. Feel free to recommend other apps/ways to save $$$ to me! 

Sorry this was such a lame update, but I wanted to spread the word especially to other gals who love freebies! ^3^ PS: I sound like I'm advertising for them or sth, LOL no I am not.

PS: Check out my Sephora order I got in the mail today for *wait for it* a grand total of $0.30 !!! xD Yes that included shipping! Not bad for my first online Sephora order huh?


  1. How did you buy all that for only 30 cents? lol

    Anyway I like your new blog layout. Really cute =D

    1. Thank you dear<3 :D

      I used a Wrapp GC for $5 and applied it to the order, lol. Btw, sorry for such a late response, been working 60 hour weeks x.x

      Also I looove your new hair! Pretty! :)

  2. Congrats i've nominated you for the Liebster Blog award , please follow this link to my blog for more details :

  3. Great Blog.

    I'm now following your blog and it would be great if you could follow mine as well.

    1. Thank you for visiting, I will check out your blog<33 =]