Sunday, August 17, 2014

long time no see...IM BACK!

Hi blog. Sorry I've abandoned you. Been going through life for the past 1.5 years and I've changed so much. Yup, shamelessly picking up on random journaling again. Gahh, I read up on some of my old posts... and realized that I've changed A LOT. Lots of fucked up things went on the past year, but managed to stay positive and finally think I'm on the right track! Basically my love life was like a drama--got out of longterm rel, got into another fling and got hurt, randoms here and there and &*%(&$. When nobody has time fo that. Along with new job and classes and intern/volunteer/tutoring/moving apt, and shit. These two days have been really happy! But as with every weekend, went by too damn fast. But I'm happy. It's just been emo today bc of period. Can't be bothered with shit right now and I'm getting lazy even writing this entry. SO until next time! Anywhoooo.. imma post this video here bc its one of my fav songs:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Walking Alone....

hi blog<3 long time no see.... i'm sorry for abandoning you for so long... and i'm sorry to have returned on such a depressing note.. sigh.. once again got my heart crushed.. i truly had better expectations than what's playing out with doof. i can't believe he would just do this to me. i seriously thought you were better than that. i want to text you soo bad. but risk getting hurt when you won't respond. what to do? are we friends? if we were, than why can 't i just text you.. did these 6 months really mean nothing to you.. why would u do this.... from my impression of you, u were such a kind person, and would be so considerate of others.. am i just really foolish? so this is how we end. with u not responding to me again.... 6 months was nothing... why do you put me in such an awkward position. why would you start something you couldn't finish. why did you have to push it past the friends border... why why why ... and then you pull this.. im so stupid.. my friends think i'm foolish for missing you.. after you've done this to me.. but why do i still miss u.... i hate myself for missing you... for wanting something that wasn't mine in the first place.. but somehow i knew this was coming all along.. and yet i still went with it... stupid.... of me... for believing you... for wanting to believe you.... and i still can't believe im still debating whether or not to text you today... part of me just wants to let it go.... afterall you've gone weeks without so much as a text... but then part of me just doesn't want to let go... since we invested so many months talking.....and somehow i feel like u are a close friend...... i have mixed feelings... i don't wanna let go of our friendship...........yet i'm hurting too much......what do i want? what should i do?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New SHOPKICK Addict!

Hi my loveliest blog!

I'm sorry for my lack of updates, but boy have I been busy! Actually I don't really have time for a massive update atm either, but I wanted to share with you my new *addiction*.

So I've become obsessed with being thrifty and racking up freebies everywhere and that's how I discovered a fun shopping app. Ok, I'm probably a bit late in the game, as apparently this apps been out since like 09! But better late than never, right? You basically get points for stepping into stores you normally go to anyways (Target, Macy's, JCP, etc etc) and even more points for scanning certain things, lol! It also had very good reviews, so I decided it try it out yesterday.

Anyways, you save up points and then redeem prizes such as gift cards among other things! I can't tell you how the redeeming part goes yet as I have yet to reach my goal of getting an itunes card but I used this for like a day and already have enough for a target giftcard (only $2 bucks though lol).

I'll update more on this later, and I wanna make a post about my freebie crazy during the holiday season. I literally got a whole outfit for $0 yesterday at H&M! I'll probably end up selling/giving away most of the freebies though as I don't need more junk in my room...

Now, the good stuff. If you haven't already, go download the app through my link, you can get 50 extra points! =] >>open link on your smartphone>>>>

  • After opening the link on your smartphone (, click "get it" and then sign up with your email or FB, I suggest email because I don't like linking my real FB to stuff like apps, lol.
  • After filling everything out, you will get a text with a code to put in the box, I think?
  • Then the last step is downloading the app via the link they give you and then open it, and enjoy your first 50 pts. 
  • Be sure to see which places offer walk in points and whenever you go shopping, get those points! Enjoy! =]

I wanted to share this great app with others, if anyone wants to learn more or have questions, just ask me and I'll try to help. Feel free to recommend other apps/ways to save $$$ to me! 

Sorry this was such a lame update, but I wanted to spread the word especially to other gals who love freebies! ^3^ PS: I sound like I'm advertising for them or sth, LOL no I am not.

PS: Check out my Sephora order I got in the mail today for *wait for it* a grand total of $0.30 !!! xD Yes that included shipping! Not bad for my first online Sephora order huh?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[PREVIEW] Botanical Garden -N- New layout@->--

My dear blog~

To make up for my laziness to blog, I've been working on a NEW header! Kinda sick of this one already lol. Should be done by tomorrow! DONE! :D

I also have a special treat for you-- a PREVIEW of my garden trip (I LOVE flowers!) Will finish this post tomorrow ;D Sooo sleepy x_x

PS: Grew my bangs out!! :D

//EDIT: BLOG layout updated! Woot! ^.^

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

★★★Plan for NEW header, new look, ETC [PHOTO post]

mood meter: 90% [Feelin motivated!^^]

★H3LLO! With summer here and warm weather to inspire me, I've decided I'm going to experiment more with makeup and hair again soon. :3 I also plan to make a new header soon and of course continue with my photo postings. xx

Random shots from past few days:






Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FoTo Update123456^^*

mood meter: 70% [Lots of things happening at once... I'm kinda pressured but still find joys in things such as camwhoring, haha]

Hewwo!! Long time no see, so I'm gonna update you with some pix from my iPhone! :D Since the last post, I've dyed my hair again (it's very golden brown almost blond--not grey like in the photo above lol, I really like it). I've decided to leave my bangs long for my next style. 

Things have been a bit rough, but I still find joy in camwhoring  and shopping and of course, just getting out. Btw, the sweater I'm wearing in these photos is one of my fav buys this week! So comfy and just cute! I also bought some shorts, but didn't photo it. Maybe next time^&^

I'm happy to say that my face has gotten a tad bit thinner which was what I was aiming for. For some reason, only my face gets fat..... -.- bleh.

I've decided at the timebeing, although I've hardly any time for writing/long updates I can still have photo updates instead :D ! That way I can still update regularly! Oh yeh! \\//

Makeup-less, contact-less here Q.Q; and I look like I have no chest here, wtf. 

For some reason, I really like this photo^^*!

That's all I have time for atm, see you next time ^3^*xoxo

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Romantic MEMORIAL Wknd, BANGS,&Upd@tes♥♔★

mood meter: 90% [Pressured to find a job.. still]

HI BLOGGER!! Long time no see :3 I've missed you!! If you read my last post, you'll know that I've been busy *trying* to stay focused on applying for jobs (and failing lately :x bc I keep getting sidetracked =.=). Anyway, last weekend was not only Memorial weekend but also our 33rd MONTH anniversary :) which made Memorial Day even more meaningful for us. The 28th is our monthly anniversary xD


We went to the Strawberry Festival in Garden Grove. It was our first time so I didn't really know what to expect. It was basically a carnival with rides, food, and lots of children :x I mean, I felt like a 14 yr old girl again! They had a lot of rides but most of them too dizzy or crazy for me (ie: zipper). I like cutesy fun rides (like haunted house rides, ferris wheel) lol. We went on just a few rides but I enjoyed the atmosphere and I felt like we were high schoolers on our first date tbh. Haha.

After that, we went to the beach in OC. At first, we were trying to catch the sunset, but ended up missing it and went at night. It was actually really nice at night too! I just love the feeling of the beach. There's just something so romantic about it. Not to mention a lot of couples hang out there (haha), but also quite a few drunks there too since bars are all around. It wasn't until the end of the day that we realized it was our 33rd MONTH anniversary xD but at least we noticed before the day was over.

The weekend was so perfect it was almost surreal so I just had to blog about it ;). But the nighttime photos were crap because Iphone nighttime photo quality is crap ;'( lol. Daytime quality is quite good however xD

Notice my super childish self-cut bangs >_< lol (Read on for the story)

Of course, we had to have a strawberry dessert @ the Strawberry Festival ^.^, it was DELISH    

      I'm at the top of the ferris wheel, and scared as hell! The ride kept swaying...LOL It shows on my face.

                            View from up the ferris wheel :)

Love this photo of us :]


Below are photos from the BEACH! Beware: Shotty Iphone night quality pix ahead >.<

    The feeling is just so romantic! Loved the sounds of the waves...

  My fav pic by far.

Ugh, the quality T.T

Weird face lol.

BB trying to model. lol

Little me. Why am I so small. :(

We ended the day at IHOP for a late dinner ^_^. Not gonna lie, I was tired!

And tbh, besides Memorial weekend, my life is so boring. Nothing going on whatsoever, which is also another reason I haven't blogged lol. 


If you haven't already noticed, my bangs are shorter than usual here.. Just last week, by bangs were so long, I started to part it. So right before going out to dinner Sunday evening(not a smart idea btw), I decided to trim it real quick. Well, I kinda did it too fast before I realized I had taken off more than 2 inches of my bangs!!! Q.Q; LOL! Yup, I even decided to cut it straight across before trimming it to be more normal. And I ended up cutting in in a bit of diagonal (uber fail much?). And so the result is what you see here-- childish haircut.... I cut them the night before these photos were taken. xD

BB thinks it's cute, but I find it a bit too childish >-< I mean, it's not like I'm not already small to begin with... lol So I'm thinking for my next hairstyle to be long bangs parted down the middle. It should be a bit more mature, and I may curl my hair also. Can't wait for my hair to grow back! lol 

Here was my bangs BEFORE I chopped it off...

  I look so different/mature with long bangs! lol

I'll be dying my hair again soon, however, so stay tuned! :D


I've been thinking a lot about my past and the things I've done and choices I've made. Sometimes, I'll get in a rut and start feeling insecure or regret things I can no longer change. Or people who have changed. I've finally realized that I spend too much time on those things, and that I'd be better off improving myself for the present and future because life's just too short. I'm not gonna sweat the little things anymore because I have so much ahead of me. :) I guess it's kind of self discovery for me. I guess from growing up in such a strict environment, I feel lonely at times and that no one will ever understand me. And I used to be so insecure. But I've realized, that if I too, do not love myself,  how do I expect others to? Just gotta keep truckin along. 

Ok, I'm done with my mindless ranting lol. On another note, my bf's parents are visiting from China next Tuesday! o_o And on such short notice! lol I'm looking forward to my new clothes and Iphone cases though. It'll be a China haul. xD Look forward to it in the next post C;

Still gotta find a job (the economy is CRAP right now!). So hard to find a decent job even though I graduated with honors! :( My family is giving me pressure about it too. And having no idea in hell what I even wanna do doesn't help the fact. And Asian families will not accept a poor paying about pressure. But I'm not going back into retail that's for sure! Can't be bothered with 50 hr work weeks and no payroll anymore. :[ 

So I'll still be busy job hunting, but my promise to make regular posts after finding one still holds! ^_= For my next post look forward to:

-China haul (clothes, hairpins?, etc.)
-Dying my hair :]
-Might get motivated to decorate my nails! Now that it's warm out :D
-More randomness

Until then, take care! =^.^=