Sunday, August 17, 2014

long time no see...IM BACK!

Hi blog. Sorry I've abandoned you. Been going through life for the past 1.5 years and I've changed so much. Yup, shamelessly picking up on random journaling again. Gahh, I read up on some of my old posts... and realized that I've changed A LOT. Lots of fucked up things went on the past year, but managed to stay positive and finally think I'm on the right track! Basically my love life was like a drama--got out of longterm rel, got into another fling and got hurt, randoms here and there and &*%(&$. When nobody has time fo that. Along with new job and classes and intern/volunteer/tutoring/moving apt, and shit. These two days have been really happy! But as with every weekend, went by too damn fast. But I'm happy. It's just been emo today bc of period. Can't be bothered with shit right now and I'm getting lazy even writing this entry. SO until next time! Anywhoooo.. imma post this video here bc its one of my fav songs:

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