Tuesday, October 25, 2011

slobby lifestyle [& love thoughts]

weekend was relaxing as always, highlight? found the perfect costume!!! :DDDDDD now.. just need to make plans for halloween.

bleh.. just trying it on.. oh it's a XL size in kids. XDDD i guess being small as "some" advantages! ha

oh and I also made stuffed mushrooms for bb this weekend...i thought it wasn't bad!^^

I'll admit, it's no cheesecake factory stuffed mushrooms, but it's still decent!

today was another slobby day...sleeping til noon, thinking about life and other things til 5. and nope I didn't even send out any resumes today 0_0;;

upon thinking about my love situation, I have to say I'm quite content. even though we bicker every now and then, all in all, I'd give us a 93%. I mean, I come across girls all the time who are with a guy that obvi doesn't give a flying duck about them; however, they over analyze it into thinking that's something they can change.

it's a luck of the draw and if a guy doesn't like you enough, he doesn't like you enough. i say "enough" bc a girl may be "ok" to hang out with or date but he's still "looking" and once a better one comes along, he's out! and no, he won't change, and no, you can't change him.

luckily, after waiting 21 long (and lonely) years, he has come to show me that guys CAN treat a girl good. i mean, most girls probably think their bfs the best, but I think I can truly say I've found my ideal guy..
cute eh ?^^

i can say that after more than 2 yrs with him, i still love staring at his face and smile....and he loves me --get this-- even without make up!~ :DDD


  1. Hihi ^^

    I see you're new to the blogging world :D WELCOME :D You have wrote some cute posts :D Ooh, hot Halloween costume :P I hope I didn't sound too weird :P The mushrooms look yummy, never tried them before though. Share the recipe ^^ Cute photo about love, so true :)

    hav a great day!
    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog :)


  2. awww good for you for finding Mr. Right ;) Lucky girl!
    Awesome halloween costume btw. I'm still on the lookout... I was thinking Arthur from the tv show LOL

  3. Lizzy: thx sooo much & I'll follow u ~~ xoxo

    Dani: LOL!!~ You mean the cartoon Arthur?!! I used to be like obsessed with that show (nerd, I know) and watched it every day. XD !

  4. Hehehe your halloween costume is niceee and sexy~ Hehehe! Have a nice day! ^^

  5. awee, thx!! I still need to make plans though! :o lol...
    you have a cute blog!~ --followed! :p


  6. I bet you're lovely, even without makeup on too~! ♥ It's great you found a guy like this ~~

    Haha~! I'm size little kids XL too xDD