Friday, October 28, 2011

who owns my heart


mood meter: 90% [happy & glad for weekend, but still have house chores pending...]
making an animated gif

first off, ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! :D :DDD and it's Halloween weekend.... still haven't made plans! my procrastinating symptoms are appearing again X_X

finally received the Biore BLACK pore strips yesterday~!! bb & I were so excited to use them.. LOL

I still wish they would just sell these (black ones) in the US so I don't have to order them from asia -_-... but.... EXCITED!

some ppl find it disgusting, lols, but I love peeling off blackheads >_< !!!(freak, I know)

so after hot shower and doing pre-facemask, bb and I tried it out and it was amazing! took out (literally) hundreds of blackheads! with the blackstrips it's so much easier to see... results below xD
::WARNING:: if you're grossed out by pore strip results or just blackheads in general, you may want to ignore the following 2 images~~~~ don't say I didn't warn you!
first one is mine

yuck! but I'm glad it's no longer in my nose, haha

here is bb's (he has HUGE blackheads :s)

lols, ok time to throw up...

on another note, I've been sleeping lots these past couple days (14+hours) and feel great. but apparently my body disagrees.... I have this white hard (cyst? spot?) inside my throat... feels like something is just stuck there.. and can't swallow it :((( grrrr....

it's probably from my recent slobby lifestyle. i just need to get it together and eat more healthy things and exercise :s.. speaking of exercise, I've decided to go on a "cheek" diet (starting monday, haha).. my (face) needs some losing weight, I read about some cheek exercises to do during the day and maybe I should try it, keke....


  1. Cuute pictures :) And the nose strips look like they're definitely doing their job :P
    Wow 14h of sleep?! So jealous!! And maybe you should get that white spot checked. It might be an infection :S and I'd love to follow you :)

  2. Hey Fifi :D

    Your pore strips are FULL, and so is your boyfriend's! How do you get so many to come out? :D It just doesn't work for me, I use the same brand as you but I don't get out as many blackheads as you guys do. I'm so surprised :D Is there a secret way of getting so much to come out? xD heh heh heh.

    You look so cute as a bunny ^.^

    Have a great day

  3. dani~ danke danke!~ :) I'm addicted to those nose strips! ~~ :X the white spot turned out to be a "tonsil stone" according to google and I ended up just picking it out (gross, right?!) lol, but I can understand that it could be serious!

    lizzy~ ty for your compliment<3 ~~~~

    now~~ about the nose strips!.... i'll tell u a lil secret. always do a blackhead mask BEFORE doing the pore strips (all this after a warm shower/bath of course). I use the clean & clear one. that's how to get ALL the blackheads out! ;)

  4. oh wow ~ you got so much out!! i did one on my blog too ~ but i didnt get that many out! i need to try out the biore one!!!

  5. omg~ Biore works wonders. esp. the BLACK strips. ~~ don't forget to do a blackhead mask before using the strips!~ it helps a bunch^^