Tuesday, December 20, 2011

$hop Til I DROP[earmuff version]嘻嘻|HK EYE lash, VS Mascara Review||||||||

mood meter: 90% [sleepy zzzzzz but wanted to blog my earmuffs & make-up (lurrrve x10) haha...]

guess what?! (*^__^*)----- i got my earmuffs!!! i really wanted earmuffs bc they're cute and so warm♥♥ and they're super cheap at F21♥ i'm really impressed^^they're soft,warm and wearing them all day didn't make me sore or anything!!!so comfortable ^o^ besides the one i'm wearing above, i also got a PURPLE HEART SHAPED one♥♥ it was just too cute to resist ^___^

(BTW, my messy hair---i took these pix after a loong day of shopping, i had my hair up, but took it down and the result is..grrrr... my hair color is really faded, gotta dye it very soon and i wanna try some new hairdos..and the eyebrows.. lol i let it grow out so i can shape it and looks like nows the time, XD)

my "wow!! so warm!" face ^^^^^ 哈哈

"brrrrr... snowing... XD, lol jk! it doesn't snow in cali but i'll be warm^^!!finally!"

don't they look like oversized headphones?! haha~~~

although i'm quite satisfied with my earmuff overload, i'm still looking to buy PINK ones like this:

i saw black and white ones at the mall, but no pink ones :( i may have to order it online~~~~~~~

besides the earmuffs, i also got some hellokitty eyelashes (lol) to try for the first time~~ (i am wearing the middle THIRD pair in the pix; and i stacked it w/ other eyelashes^^)<--typo result of my blogging in the AM haha ;P and i got victoria's secret mascara (also wearing in pix) for -get this- $2!! i had a 10$ coupon and needed mascara, so why not^^^^^^

HK eyelashes: ★★★★☆4/5>>> i've only tried one of the HK eyelashes so far, i feel it's not so bad for such a cheap price! it's not too obviously fake and shiny in the material, if u know what i mean, it's man-made hair, but it's a good buy for the price and looks decently cute♥

VS mascara (blackest black voluptuous volume): ★★★★☆4/5>>> having only used it once, i found it pretty good, it made my lashes very noticeably black without smearing everywhere. ♥ it thus far^^^^^!! (although i may add that the regular price $12 is a bit pricey for mascara, if it were not for the coupon, i probably would get diff. one like from sephora,haha)

snaps snaps^^^*********

i'm thinking to order some hair extensions (exciting, yeah?!) but i gotta convince bf first --for some reason he hates wigs,extensions, the like. BOO!! >>>>probs try it after new year^^lol which reminds me, bf bday is coming on the 2nd, i gotta prepare my present--still no idea what i should get him, but since it's around new years we're def. gonna celebrate at universal!~~can't wait to snap loads o pix♥ ♥ ♥

i looove this time of year~~ happy holidays!!!! (again, lol)~~~look forward to some holiday pix coming very soon♥♥♥♥♥♥♥O(∩_∩)O~

lurve xx


  1. those eyelashes are so cute! where do you buy HK lashes? and im always amazed by how adorable you are! :3

    oh i just noticed we have the same background on our blogs !! 0__0 hehe

    happy holidays!

  2. I also have HK lashes! ^__^ so cheap, looks decent

  3. you r so cute & i love ur blog:)
    iam from australia i just started my own blog.
    i followed u can u plz fallow me back

  4. thank u so much, lovelies (=^.^=) !!

  5. sooo cute! :D
    I saw a couple of earmuffs here.. makes me wonder why they sell some here cause we don't experience snow. LMAO XD
    anyway, you're so cuuuttteee!! the eyelashes looks fab on you!! :D


  6. You look adorable! And holy crap your eyes are huge! Lovely eye makeup :)

  7. omg your eyes so HUGE!! *w* i love it :D

  8. Wow! Those ear muffs look so amazing and cute! Merry Christmas! :-) xoxxoo

  9. U have extremely huge eyes!! :D (ok i guess u've heard that a thousand times now haha)

  10. thanks so much girls!^^ hopefully i'll try more diff types of eyelashes and makeup soon^^and merrry x-mas to u lovelies!~<3

    jenellenee~~ ty for reading!!^^ :)! haha hopefully it is a positive thing >__< lols~~~ too bad big eyes doesn't mean better eyesight T_T ~~happy holidays!^^^o(∩_∩)o~


    this is incred, love the photos
    Great post, thanks for sharing!

    if you like we can follow each other on bloglovin :)
    let me know!

  12. Love the earmuffs!
    I'll definitely follow, mind following too? (:

  13. Very cute earmuffs. The purple one is so big... I love it XD
    Hope you are having an awesome Christmas!

  14. Happy holiday~ I love your eye makeupppp hooooo. And I've tagged you in a post! http://xiaoqingqiang.blogspot.com/2011/12/11-questions-tag.html

  15. AS always..u look so glowing and pretty! LOVE ur eyemake up to the max!!

  16. your eyes are so cute!!
    P.S. I tagged you in my 11 tag questions :) Please feel free to check it out at http://deesbeautyblog.blogspot.com/2011/12/11-questions-tag.html

  17. Wow you have such pretty eyes! Lovely eye make up girl! I wish I could put the glitter on my lower lash line/water line but my eyes water so much it gets all messy xD
    Nice blog I'm following you <3

  18. jen umm~~~ thx so much gal, i'll add u^^^ <3! happy new year sweetie~!

    cathy~~hehe ty!!~~ can't wait to get big pink ones too ^_^, sure i follow u<3!

    kiwi~ty lovely, i had a wonderful x~mas and such lovely weather (72 degrees) lol ~happy new year!!^_^

    aki~~~ happpy new year, dear!! thx, i'll go check it out<33!

    pinkbuble~ awe, so flattered that you like my makeup, bc you are soo much better in makeup,lols~~<33 happy new year dear! ^.^

    dee~~ ty so so much! i go check it out ;)

    banny~tyty!~~ i really love glitter! lols, i keep it with me to retouch a lot,hehe~ happy new year^^<3

  19. AAWWWW such cute ear muffs!!! ^__^

    You look so adorable in them :D

    J <3

  20. ty dear<3333 ^o^

    can't wait to buy pink fluffy ones too!!