Tuesday, December 6, 2011

❤❤❤BACK from the DARK%&$ ^_______^ love.

EDIT// 12/4/11 [orig. post 12/28/11]JUST GOT ELECTRICITY BACK t____t !!!!~~~~THERE WAS BIG WINDSTORM IN SOCAL AND BASICALLY I HAD TO LIVE IN THE DARK FOR ABOUT 3.5 DAYS!!! OMG.. I MISS LIGHT AND INTERNET, LOL~~~~~ i can finally finish this post soon!!~^^^

EDIT// 12/6/11 YAYYYY, I'm finally finishing the post, LOL!~ to make up for it, DOUBLE GIF above^^!!! lol, what a week!

mood meter: 88% [feeling the symptoms of winterness....COLD COLD COLD!!!!...although having lived in the midwest before, i know that we're quite spoiled here in Socal.. but still!! too cold..all i wanna do is... hibernate...]

so BLACK FRIDAY~~ one of my favorite times of the year (seriously) because i long for the malls to open overnight ^____^ shopping anytime anywhere!~ the most important buy for me this year had to be my DSR Canon<3333 can't wait for a nice day to go out and snap pics!~~~~LOVVVVE

these were not all bought on Blk Fri, but all recently~~~

love them allllllll,yeahhhhh

i also bought new shiseido eye cream from Sephora; actually it was a really good deal, packaged with 3 other sheiseido skin products~~~~ luckily, the deal was on the same series as the one i am already using :] ~~~~ i love it! smells so so good~~~~~
another plus, i received a fragrance sample bag within that visit too!~ what a nice salesgal~ hehe

so not much going on within this week [hence the boring post...muahahaha] as i lived without electricity for half of it, lols~~~~~ i couldn't really experiment with make up and hair and outfits (couldn't see myself in the dark] :[ sadddddddd......... hehehe but it was a great excuse to go shopping~~~~!


o0o0o0oo0o0o0o0so BTW, my favorite time of year!!!~~~ is the holidays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyy in order to make warmth out of this cold, i created a snowy window in my house !<3333 Love! !

now for some @@@RANDOM FUN~ XD 4738293~~

purplish contacts XDDD love at first sight... get it?? XDDD lols❤

my fav. song from her by far, GAGA's new single Marry the Night!!!!~~~~ Looooove it!!! makes me dance!!! ^o^

hugs~ ^____=


  1. Glad you have electricity now!It must suck to have to be in the dark all the tie >< Oh and your new lenses look really good on you!

  2. thanx <3
    cute photos ^^
    love, poppy <3

  3. suki~~~~ yeah, living in the dark was so frustrating! >__< lol couldn't see myself.. couldn't see anything :[ ~~~ I basically lived at the mall and barnes n nobles, hehe!~~and ty!! i love it too~ it's quite comfy ~~ i wanna get more colors ^___^

    nikt~~~ your welcome!~ ^__^ thank YOU, love!~

  4. Living in the dark for 3.5 days? That's...awesome :P Maybe not so awesome :P But I can't live without internet! It's definitely something that I need 24/7 :D Glad you have light and internet back :) Your picture is cute as always :) the ducky is so cuteeee too ^^

    Have a great holiday :) Hey, I tagged you on something in my blog, go check it out ^^


  5. Heyy :) such a lovely blog! oh my, i can't believe that electricity cut lasted for such a long time O.o
    this picture is soo cute! let me know if you would like us to follow each other :)

  6. Hello Lovely,
    Feel Free to check out and enter my Christmas blog giveaway at: http://naturezfinest.blogspot.com/2011/12/giveaway_06.html

    Have a lovely Christmas and ever sparkling New Year. Love your blog btw =)

    -Mia xoxo

  7. Heyy :) Oh yeah we definetely like the same cute stuff ;D
    But of course I follow you as well :) Looking forward to your next post!!

  8. lizzy~yeah, it was soo hard to be without internet!~~ lol but i camped out at b&n (free internet, lol) so it was all good^^^and i'm excited! i'll check my tag now ^______^ ~~<3

    mia~ thx u <33

    keki~~~ ty so much!~~ updated post coming very soon!!! hugs~

  9. waaah 3.5 days without life?! like living in the old days haha!
    Cool DSLR! I have a Nikon one :P I would self-cam with it but Im waiting to get photoshop haha! lols

    CUTE dancing duck too !!

    J <3

  10. just found your blog~ it's really cute, I like it XD and u're super kawaii too :D

    awee...I'm canon dslr worshipper too!!! mine is 60D, what's yours? Ive been craving7d/5d, though, need to save money first. lolz...

  11. eeek so cute you are!! love those lenses too ^^ and love that song also hahah so catchy

  12. wow you are absolutly cute!!
    im your newest follower!

    check out my blog too? :) if you like please follow or write a comment, i would be so so happy


  13. jenny~~ yeah, very old-fashion living XD hahaha made me really appreciate electricity!!! can't wait to see your selcams<333 oh and i love that duck too, he dances to anything lol~

    rindodo~ thx soo much<33 i love your blog too, and you're so cute^^^i left msg on your page ;}

    vyvy~~ tyty<3 yeah, such a catchy song, and trippy mv!~ gotta love it though <3 lols, btw gluck ur finals ^_^

    みえーちゃん ~thx u pretty girl!, left msg for u on ur page<3333 ^_=

  14. Heyy :) yayy I'm so glad you finished this post and thank you for commenting <3 gyaru stuff and pink stuff is just great XD
    btw I also love shiseido products, I had a showergel once..it was LOVE :D and that shirt with the bunny where it says "hip" is soo cute! does this shop have an online store?
    xoxo :)

  15. hi Keki~ ^^ tyty!~

    the bunny shirt is from F21, lols~~ it's so random, right? not sure if it's on their site, but their website is forever21.com ~~~ they always have such cute clothes there :p xx

  16. You have a cute eyes.
    Awesome stuffs. :)
    Now followin you.