Thursday, January 12, 2012

★★★★★!-Phon3★FeVeR& L@zY WEEK!! 【在世界上第一個蘋果店買了我第一臺蘋果手機!】★★★★★

mood meter: 87% [sleepy zzzzzz been so tired and just unmotivated this past... week. and i think 大姨媽 is here too D: ~~ hence, not much dressing up and make-up this week (the photos above represents my mood this week~~ PINK sweatshirts, gillyhicks sweats and just LAZYLAZY attitude lounging around the house lols) :( but I promise it will change!!) haha...]

★★★★ANYWAYS,^_^ Hewwo Hewwo!!:3★★★★

Long time no see!^^^^Let's see, New Years '12 at Universal/Citywalk was A-Mazing~~~!!! Although I've accumulated on some pointers on what to do and not to do for next year, since we didn't really get a good spot to see the fireworks (tooo crowded!) lols~~~~

!!Sally's had a huge sale on holiday lashes~~ I wore the holiday lashes on New Year's Eve!! I realllly reallly loooved it!! ^____^

rockin' my 2012 glasses in an Italian restaurant,haha~~

Cheers to another great year!!! O(∩_∩)O~(My peach drink was BOMB, btw! lol)

Pretty much summed up my New Years' Eve~~!

I've been going to sauna almost everyday as well~~~~ and~~~~ broke my phone in the process #_#; grrrrrr~~~~............. but wait~~ that means I have to get a new phone, right??? Welllll, what a great time to finally get the white I-phone I've always wanted!!! ^^^ I decided on the 4s since the cam is better and overall it's newer♥

I've been obsessing/playing with it since the day I got it which was a couple days ago^^ now, I'm just waiting for my case to come (ebay)~~ It's really cute and I'm so excited for it!!~~ Right now, I'm kinda afraid to touch my phone since it's glass and I've seen what happens if it drops (youtube videos,haha)~ ^.< andddd i really need to get on downloading apps to study Japanese o_o;; been lazy lazy~~

my new baby!~~~~

My WIG~~~~ T.T Originally, I was waiting to receive it before making another post with it, but~..... the seller ran out of stock (TT)..... and so I waited for more than 10 days, still no stock, so cancelled the order.. was pretty bummed out since I was looking forward to it!!~~~ &*(&% BUT!!!!I guess for every bad thing, comes a good thing, because the seller contacted me and said they just got stock, and ended up giving me a discount.... well it's been sent so hopefully I'll get it in no time!!!^^^^ EXCITED&^%&

I also received the Palty hair dye I ordered today~~ I'll be cutting (maybe just trim) and dying my hair with the "Honey Peanut" color in the next couple days~~ since my roots are invading my head >_< lols~ can't wait!~~

Root invasion in action D: !!

Oh and I've discovered a delicious "fluff ice" shop, and have been obsessed ever since~~ the taste is indescribable!! ♥♥

~My first fluff ice lols


~~Random purikura!~when I look back at my summer hair, it looks too dark for me now >_< lols!

Cute duck that lives in my car!! haha !

My first choco shake from Jack in the Box! lols~ delish!

Bear? o_0

And in case you're wondering, my X-Mas lights are still on!!~~~ Holiday 24/7 365 at my house ^_______= V

And that pretty much sums up my life after New Year's so far, haha~~~ been such a BUM!~~ it's like a PERIOD month for me~~ lols~~~ And I need to start on my Japanese studies and stop staying up so late~ >_< My goal is that by the next post, I will have successfully completed these tasks~~:

-EYEBROWS >_< !!
-Haircut/dyed to new color~
-Received wig
-Cleaned my whole house (or just room.. at least. LOL)
-Bought all necessary accessories for Iphone baby~
-Sew an outfit (stretching my goals, I know ^_^ lol)

PS: Excited to post Iphone-camera pics from now on!!!! (starting next post ^___^) :3

♥yew! =^.^= /


  1. I love your makeup *-*
    Cute new stuff;.;

    An iPhone 4?? *faints* WOW

  2. omg ice fluff?? what is this! I must try it! O:

    Wow your new phone is sexy... :P it takes pretty photos~

    and LOL at your 2012 glasses, so awesome haha

  3. Your eyes <3! So pretty :3
    Gl with your goals xD!

  4. 2012 glasses! LAWLLL thats a cool one!
    And zomg iphone 4! T_T

  5. ohh u are soo soo adorably cute, your blog is so lovely by the ways, i will be visiting again very soon :)

  6. Fanny~~~ Thank you lovely :3 ~~

    Vicky~~~thank u thank u !!! yeah, iphone 4s is amazing!! :o~i'm pretty happy with it so far ^__^

    danii~~~thx dear! ^.^~ yeah, it is actually called "fluff ice" LOL~ it's like cloud-tasting ice-cream, and you can customize it with countless toppings and fruits and boba and zomggz, i'm hungry!! lol T.T ~ and the photos here were actually still taken with ipodtouch lols~~ expect better pix next! :3 ♥♥

    banny~~ thx lovely!, actually I didn't do much to my eyes this week, just upper lashes, not even lower! lols~~ i hope i reach my goals too! LOL ^o^

    jene~lol yeah, the glasses were pretty cool that night , but the battery is already gone half the night T.T booo !~~haha

    ria~~ tyty dear!!(●´∀`●) , visit anytime!! and you have a new follower♥♥♥♥

  7. Awww how cute! ♥ You´re eyes are so big! :o

  8. hiya Fifi ^^

    I love your pictures, so cute as usual. Your lashes are so pretty~ and I'm loving your swag glasses :DD where the heck did you get that lovely thing? :P And OMG, totally envy you, you got an iPhone 4S, looking forward to see iPhone pics :D the lights are your house are so pretty, we don't have any festive lights at my house T^T so dull! kekeke~

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. awww, your eyes is soo big and cutee ^^

  10. First of all, thanks for your nice comment! I was so happy to read it- and sorry my comment is a little late! (_ _);

    I really think YOU are so cute and i am in love with your eye make up!! you have so big and cute eyes! <3
    did you do a tutorial already? if yes, please tell me !!! haha

    ALso i love your hair colour! if my hair wasnt so destroyed, i would colour it liek yours (T T)

    oh!<3 ifd you want/have time, please check out my new blog post about my japan trip! <3 i would be soo happy <3


  11. Aww I'm so jealous ! you've a really cute face. Iphone is the best phone forever ! I've a Iphone4, I can't live with no Iphone.
    If you love purikura, you sould download Princess Cam.

    Nice to meet you,

    Kisses & Hugs

  12. awww you're so cute! just like a doll! *_*

    yay I've got the exact same phone! :d I love taking pictures with it! :)


  13. congratulation for getting iPhone 4S, I'm sure u'll love it :D

  14. iphone好像會出5 ??anyway,congrats for having a new iphone!!take more beautiful photos with it :)

    1. 呵呵'iPhone 5應該早晚都會出來吧~~ 只是目前等不及'而且4s也蠻不錯的呀!(^∇^)~

  15. Thank u for the lovely msgs, cuties!(^з^)-☆

  16. Iphone?! nooooooo!!! haha jokses :P Cute glasses though and nice eyelashes ~ so pretty ^__^

    J <3

  17. you are so cute! good luck on your goals, most of them are same as mine! ^__^

  18. waaaaaa u are super cute !! ♥

  19. Thank u for all your lovely comments ♥♥♥!!!