Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy HeartDay❤ My Loves~!(*^▽^*)!❤❤❤❤❤❤

FINALLLLLY got the wig!!!!!$%^#&%(*^▽^*)~~~~ No make-up though ewww panda eyes-.-, better wig pics when I get the chance to dress up^^^!! Excited~

mood meter: 88% [weather is chilly today orz~~just wanna be lazy lazy (again, i know =.=) and feeling pressured to find a job asap...]

(*´▽`*)Hmm, what's new? lol I realized I haven't blogged in a month =.= ~~~ most likely because there's really nothing new LOL~ or exciting--

SO I thought I'd make a quick update (nvm, I realized it turned out to be quite a long post LOL XD) on what I've been doing these days~~^.^

Since my last entry, I've been just lazy, even lazier than last time, lol~~~ Most importantly, I discovered and became addicted to a game called "Bakery Story" on my phone!~ It's such a cute and addicting game, haha~~!! I've been playing it like 20 hours per day =.= ~~~~ If you play it, ADD me!! LOL I have two IDs: flytothestars and hellobunni ~~~~~~~we'll be neighbors!^^

Besides this, I've been doing absolutely nothing! Well besides occasional mall and to sauna at the gym.. lols~

I was planning to cut and dye my hair before making the post, but I had forgotten that Chinese tradition has it that we cannot cut our hair after new years before a certain date =.=; which means I still have to wait about a week T.T ~~~ LOL

But the good thing is, my wig and bear phone case FINALLY arrived in the mail!!!~~~~~

I was so excited that as soon as I got the wig, I put it on and took a quick snap (the photo above)^^ No make-up though T.T #.# Here's what it looked like right out of the mail envelope~~~ (looks reddish in these pics, but they are not! the pic above is most accurate of the color~^^)

and with it on^^:

I have to say it was better than I expected~ Surprisingly, it is very close to my current hair color, haha!! Love it!

Item:Clair Beauty Wig
Reason: Basically upon first impression appearance. Doesn't look too fake like other wigs, quite nice tbh~ has volume (but not heavy or big at all) and pretty~ nice color. Felt comfortable when I wore it briefly to try it out but I cannot yet comment on long-term wearing (or for a whole day)~~

Next up, the bear case!

Soooo totally cute!! I'm in love with it!~ So cheap too! The only thing is, it's missing a hole for the mute button, so seller is sending me another one~~~haha

The only other thing I've done during the past month is shopping of course lols~~ so here are some snaps (food) lols~

@Farmer's market

Aren't these so cute!?

Delish Italian food!!! I'm becoming quite fond of Italian food these days ^o^!

@McDonalds in 3rd Promenade

It's a new mint shake-drink they have, I think it's called "shamrock mint" or sth like that lols

@Chinese supermarket

Check out these huge "strawberries" XD LOL


Recently bb and I discovered and fell in love with this Japanese restaurant at the valley~~~~~ sooooo delish!!^^

Ok~~ now some random snapzzzz of course~ ^,=

I was bored and decided to draw on top of a plain choco cake we bought. lols~~!

Inside car~! I looove how clear Iphone 4s pix are!^^

N finally-----V_day snaps!!❤❤

BB surprised me with FRESH ROSES!!! (Like half an hour ago, actually I was writing this post when he surprised me!!^^)So sweet!(*^▽^*)

Note: The plushie heart is also from bb, but last year~

Decor on my fridge^^ lols~ I just loove the theme of V-day, because hearts and pink are my favorite^^

I'm glad to finally have an update, lols~~ and BTW THANK U FOR 50+ readers!! I'm quite surprised that people are interested in reading about my random entries LOL~ hope you continue to enjoy it! ^.^

And whether you're single or not, V_day is for EVERYONE!! ^^Have fun! Spread the Lurrrve❤❤




  1. First of all... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! Your valentine is very sweet ;)

    Those little desserts in the cups are so cute and look delicious too

    And I was super sucked into Bakery Story a while back hahaha. I couldn't stop poking at my bakery lol
    But then I downloaded other games and then got sucked into the new games I downloaded now X_X

    1. Ty so much~ and I hope you had a romantic day too!~ ^^

  2. Thanks a lot for your nice comment :3~ <3
    I´m trying so hard to learn chinese :)
    The sweets are looking so great that I got hungry again ._. want to eat them right now!<3

    And you looks so great even without all the make up, ur so pretty :3 And the wig is so lovely *O* sooo much hair <3

    1. Hey, don't worry, you're doing good~~! 加油親愛的! ^_^

  3. wow so many pictures!

    I love your wig!!! it doesn't look fake at all!!! can I ask where you got it from? *_*

    1. tyty❤ !

      I got mine from ebay~~ but the brand is "clair beauty" I believe also has them but more expensive~~~~~

      However, I would not recommend the same seller I bought from in ebay, because I waited over a month, and turns out they didn't have stock >_<, basically selling stuff they don't have!!! The seller also didn't know when they would have it either!! After a lot of waiting and exchanging email, I finally got it, and at a cheap price, BUT it's not worth it~~~~

      I think there are other sellers on ebay too~~~ if you ever plan to buy, I will be happy to let you know that seller's name, so you can avoid the possible long long wait or to doublecheck with them first~~~ lol~ I hope it helps!

      I love the wig though^^

  4. Heeey! :D
    I haven´t blogged at all too! Lazy, Lazy~ ~ ~
    But you sure had a fun time at the bakery store! ♥
    nom nom nom~

    What´s up with the strawberrys?! xD LOL They sure a huge! ;D

    Have a nice day!
    Nana ♥

    1. LOL~~~ yeah, I looove sweets!!~~
      ~~~~ Maybe those "strawberries" had a mutation of some kind, XD hahaha~~~

      Thank u for reading, sweetie!~xoxo

  5. Your blog is so cute~!! I love it^^
    I like your wig~~★
    Do you know if it's available online ??

    1. Thanks for your post!~^.^
      The Clair beauty wigs are available on many Asian clothing websites such as or etc. ~~~~

  6. Cute Rilakkuma case!! bulky but.. cute! I think I saw a brown furry one on9 as well

    1. :3 Thanks for your read!!!!^^

      Actually, it's very light and soft, it's my fav case, haha! ~~~