Thursday, March 29, 2012

♥*・゚。:.*TADA!~Pt.II [haha]!*・゚。:.*♥

mood meter: 90% [love spring!!! now if only I can get on top of that spring cleaning... xD]

♥*・゚。:.*My lovely blog, plz forgive me for being lazy and somewhat busy these days~~ lols this is PT II of the previous post in which I didn't get to finish~~~ lol been so long, what the heck-- just make new post^^! xD

♥*・゚。:.*The reason I haven't blogged so long is because all I've been doing is gaming and been a bit busy with working something out with the phone company x_x; lol a loong and tiring process but we finally got through it!~ Other than this, I've been too lazy to dress up or anything -.-

♥*・゚。:.*I *did* however, dye my hair (finally), lol although the color is about the same as my current color, it's alright but didn't lighten the roots as much as I wanted it too (still a significant contrast btw my roots and other hair -.-) as shown in these photos and in the last post~~~ I'm hoping to redo it soon after giving it a couple weeks~ so I don't fry my hair, haha^^

better view of the color^^ [above]

♥*・゚。:.*Spring is here!!~~~ Aside from being a busy bum, I did go shopping a couple times!!!^^ boy o boy, I discovered one of the best malls ever!-- Southcoast Plaza mall in SoCal!^^ love love love and best of all only 1 hr drive from my home!!~ Here are my fav buys lately:

Cutest bikini ever!!^^ Was soo hard to find a decent one and in SMALL and PINK!! Believe it or not, I had to find the bottoms online while I bought the top at the mall (yup, Macy's only had this ONE top, and it didn't have a bottom and apparently this item did not exist in any other store in SoCal! The lady said, it must have shipped to the wrong store?! wtf??) -.- ! Oh well, got a great deal! ;D *happy*

Love F21!!^^

♥*・゚。:.*And I'll end this post with the CUTEST CAKE EVER!!^^ @some bakery in Pasadena^^

♥*・゚。:.*Next post, be hopeful for::
+more wig pics
+summer outfits^^!
+beach pics?
+hair dye (again)
+new makeup?
+... more fun! ;D

PS:: Also kinda nervous to see what the new blogger interface will look like? Hopefully better lols~ or at least not worse.... :p

*****EDIT//4.16.12~ Hey!! I know I've been a little MIA lately~~ I'm gonna have to focus on job hunting right now (orzzz) lol ~ and tbh idk what I want to do with my life so I'm super stressed out... booo t.t

I promise to get back to routinely updating and fun as soon as I figure out what to do with myself. lol... love!!^^^



  1. I love your photos!!! you are so cool!! ^^

    kisses!! ^o^

    1. Thx!!^^ I'm glad you liked it!~~^-^


  2. aww *-* I loved you hair <3
    I didn´t know that you used glasses! Me too <3

    Those shorts are killin ´it for sure *0*

    And that´s the cutest cake ever indeed...

    1. Thank u sweetie!!!♡

      Lol~~ The glasses seen here are fake, xD~~ just wanted to take photo with it^^!! But I do wear glasses~ just wear contacts most of the time since they're more comfortable! ^-^

  3. you look good with glasses! :) And your hair colour is very pretty. Did you dye it yourself?

    1. Hey~~~^^* Thanks! Yeah, I dyed it myself ~ the color is still not where I want it (still some darker parts >_<) but good news, I bought more palty hair dye!&& lol


  4. oh ny gosh! i love your bikini so cute!!!!!!!
    followed u btw, hope u too. ^_*


  5. thanks for your comment on my last post! if you want, have time please check out my new post! i would be so so haaaappy☆

    everytime i see your face i think: OMG why is she so cute!!! even if you use only a little make up you look so cute!! natural beauty! haha ^^
    oh P.s.: i LOVE the bikini, cutie!!

  6. i love the outfit and the cake :3

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