Tuesday, July 10, 2012

FoTo Update123456^^*

mood meter: 70% [Lots of things happening at once... I'm kinda pressured but still find joys in things such as camwhoring, haha]

Hewwo!! Long time no see, so I'm gonna update you with some pix from my iPhone! :D Since the last post, I've dyed my hair again (it's very golden brown almost blond--not grey like in the photo above lol, I really like it). I've decided to leave my bangs long for my next style. 

Things have been a bit rough, but I still find joy in camwhoring  and shopping and of course, just getting out. Btw, the sweater I'm wearing in these photos is one of my fav buys this week! So comfy and just cute! I also bought some shorts, but didn't photo it. Maybe next time^&^

I'm happy to say that my face has gotten a tad bit thinner which was what I was aiming for. For some reason, only my face gets fat..... -.- bleh.

I've decided at the timebeing, although I've hardly any time for writing/long updates I can still have photo updates instead :D ! That way I can still update regularly! Oh yeh! \\//

Makeup-less, contact-less here Q.Q; and I look like I have no chest here, wtf. 

For some reason, I really like this photo^^*!

That's all I have time for atm, see you next time ^3^*xoxo

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