Monday, November 7, 2011

in mah birthday suit, nom nom nom!^^

mood meter: 100% [i'm not going to have a care in the world today because it's MY BIRTHDAY!~]

guess what, world?~! it's my birthday!~~~~~ ;D I'm in such a good mood today......[update to this post pending^^]

bday resolution~~~~ this year I will::
+eat more fruits
+get a flat stomach
+do face mask everyday
+get skinnier
+be happy everyday

oh, and I got my fringes trimmed~~~~~ love it now~~~

BEFORE (fringes were long enough to comb to the side!~ lol)


quick bday snap^^

on a side note, my new circle lens should be here any day now!~ it's BROWN and a little bigger than the one I have now~~ can't wait! ^_______________^