Monday, November 21, 2011

❤SKittles~~~~**taste the pink bow**^.^❤

mood meter: 90% [had a perrrfect weekend^^^ but weather is so cold brrrr]

a couple days ago, out of boredom (yeah, not too much going on these days XD), i took out my collection of fabric & materials and made my own pink bow ^_^, lolz.... fun, but rather plain (too plain >_<;)... i need to add more stuffs to it when not lazy~~~ o_o;

how fun~~~~~ !

this weekend was relaxing~~ =) but the weather has gotten a lot colder!~~~ not to mention it rained ALL DAY today ~~~ but at least i got to wear my pink winter hat❤❤❤ hehe
what better way to warm up than to have HOTPOT!!?❤

YUM much? ^_^~~~

also...... a weekend is not 100% weekend unless there's SHOPPING❤❤❤❤❤❤
i found a white vest (even has FURBALLS!!!^&*%) that will keep me warm this winter❤ instant LOVE!! =]



  1. You look so cute in the vest!
    Haha I agree that a weekend is not perfect without shopping ;)

  2. thank u, love^^^~~~~
    hahaha exactly!~~ can't wait til this weekend! (blackfriday, haha)~~

  3. Ahh everything about your blog is soooo cute!!! really cute bow and the gilet too!

    and YUM HOT POT!!!! I havent done hot pot in ages! We usually only do it for xmas when there is lots of people >__< nom nom, i love it so much! haha

    J <3

  4. aww, you look like a doll!! *w*
    and who doesnt love hot pot?? XD *drooolingg

  5. jenny~~~~ aweeee ty dear ^o^ ~~~ your blog is very cute too! (so are you ^_^)~~ i'm thinking to make key charms next~ hehe ,hotpot is amazing..i also love hotpot restaurants ~ with individual (BIG) pots for everyone, lols *_*

    cominica~~~thank u, pretty girl<3333^^! lol yeah hotpot is sooo good, i love spicy! (although it's so bad for the skin, >_<~~~^^

  6. You are so cute! The foods look delicious! xoxoxoo

  7. HIHI :D

    You're welcome (for the awards). I think you post the cutest things, your pictures are so cute too! ^^ Glad to meet another Sanrio fan too :D I need to do more Sanrio shopping :P

    The hotpot looks delish! Lately I've been eating a lot of shabu-shabu, I guess you can call it Japanese hot-pot? :P Very yummy :D its completely the opposite here in my country, it's SOOOO HOT! I wish I was in a chilly country like you ><! I feel like I'm melting :P

    Anyways, have a great day :D
    Keep warm and take care kays? :)

  8. fashion~~ ty soo much, yeah, i have obsession with foods ^_^

    nikt~~ ty so much^^

    lizzy~~~~ haha yeah, i love sanrio and anything cute!~ i should post a pic of my jumbo sized kerropi i got recently^^^ LOL hey, at least you can wear cute clothes and skirts all year !~ chilly can be miserable (esp. snowstorms!! think stuck at home all day, cannot leave bc there is 5 ft snow outside >_<) haha!!~~

    nancy~~aw thank u for reading<333