Friday, November 11, 2011

❤❤❤❤❤❤in my life......(='.'=)❤❤❤❤❤❤

mood meter: 92% [its WEEKEND!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~ still waiting for my new contact lenses to arrive!!...grr]

how cool is it that today is 11.11.11 and at 11:11:11 i snapped this:

just to think that this moment (more like "second") only happens once every 100 years!!! oh yeah~~~~ and the fact that it's friday is not bad also!~~~ not to mention it's SINGLES day for all the single men and veteran's day as well~... cool^^
so on 11.11.11 I had this for lunch...
instant noodles (hey, at least i added lettuce to make it healthy =) and green milk tea (YUM!)
so this is going to be a PHOTOs post because i went crazy with pictures on my bday..XD

***on my bday, i went all out with cam-whoring (i LOVE taking pictures---i mean, i'm only young once, why not capture my youth for eternity? ;P) so i had fun with the pics^^^
NOTE:: i bought BB balm from Sephora and tried it for the first time in the fotos^^ not bad! made my skin feel so smooth ^_=

more fun fun^_^

different "hairstyles" LOL ^.^

OM to the G~~~~ so THIS is how i would look as a blonde o.O;;

bb likes this one... lol<33 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oh & it's getting so chilly now, so i've been warming up with these cuties =)



  1. Hiya ^^

    Omg, cute pictures :D You look pretty in all of 'em!~ AND OMG!! I want those cute plushie boots things :P They're so friggin cute, I want one!! Too bad it's hot out here in my country so I won't be able to wear it often. But it's so cute! Where'd you get it? :D


  2. lizzy~ aw, thanks so much^^^~~~!! my bunny boots were actually from my bf's mother who brought it from China XD~~~ it's actually pretty hard to find cute ones here in the US, but I love those kinds of house slippers~~~ esp. in winter, lol~~~

    being from a warm country is good too!!~~~ winters are sooooooo bitter (I hate cold), just feel blessed!^^


  3. NOM RAMEN! I love instant noodles ~ its so good but i know its so bad!!

    I love yor hair too ~ how do you colour it??

  4. hehehe!~ when in doubt, add lettuce and other veggies to make it as healthy as ever^^^^^ !udon noodles are amazing too, btw~~

    ty dear~ :) i dyed my hair around april~~~by myself, haha~ i did some research and bought developer and dye from sally's (must use bleach on virgin black hair).... then after that i just used liese and palty dyes!~~~~

    btw, it's funny--- now that i think about it, i totally watched your review video on youtube for liese dye xD ~~~~it helped too, hehe<3

    the box dyes work really well for me~~i'll probably keep using them to do my roots... oh, and never forget to use deep conditioner and hair masks to keep the hair healthy and shiny^^^^ !!

  5. haha! yeh add a bit of veggie to make it less "yeet hey" (hot air in chinese :P) I love udon! Have it all the time when i go japanese restaurant :P

    ooooo i heard about using sallys stuff too! but i dont have a sallys beauty place where i am ~ booo! plus my hair is dyed dark so i dont know if that would work??

    haha, yeah, i really likes liese, works rly well on my hair! but so expensive to get and import into UK >__<

  6. p.s. you look nice with the blonde hair too in that pic :P have you ever thought of dying it that light??

  7. lol~~ yeah, also the instant version udon noodles isn't bad either~~~ i'm like addicted :x ~~~i've a bad habit of eating things yeethey, esp. chips and the like >_< (there goes my skin, lol)but hey, that's what leung caa (涼茶)is for!~~

    i'm sure there are similar type beauty stores in the UK? maybe try an internet search^^ u may have to bleach it first, but i remember there were many topics about that in forums~~gluck!~~ and can't wait to see your new hair if u decide to do it ^_^

    lol~~actually when i dyed it to the color i have now, everyone considered it blonde already :x i think i'm still content with the color now^^~~~so probably wound't go that light(at least not now XD)~~~ or i could buy a wig to try it out first, LOL<33

  8. instant udon?! aahhh never tried that before! i must search my chinese.korean stores for it now!! lols i love yeethey stuff too ~ chips, burgers, nom nom! so bad, but my mum always makes stuff like leung caa and soups to help "cleanse my body" !!

    ooo yeah you should try a wig! see what its like first :P you prob look very gyaru with blonder hair haha

    im tempted to jus go to salon and do my hair, but its expensive >__<

  9. yeah~~~ the instant udon noodle i got is like a "stir fry" type which you make in the pan, you can add all kinds of veggies and healthy stuff XD and it tastes amazing~~~~ the one i bought came in like 3 packs~ i'm sure you'll find in the chinese markets~~hehe

    hehe i'll def. look into wigs~~~ it would also save lots of time in the morning too, LOL~

    yeah salon is just too too expensive~~~ i suggest just research it and try to do it with palty or sth (those dyes work really well, but you probably already know that) but if you did a lot of research and stillll not sure, then maybe go to salon~~ ^.^ ~~ <33

  10. wow love your blog its so happy looking! ^___^ and you are super cute, your eyes look HUGE! ^^

  11. vyvy~~ thank u so much^^^^ i hope that my blog can make others happy<33

    i hope my eyes are not too too big (like frog o_o;) lols! >_<~~ you're very cute too!<33